From blog posts to sales data sheets to ghostwritten content, I’ve got you covered. Here’s a smattering of what I’ve done in the past, but if you’re looking for something specific, I have a hard drive full of samples I haven’t included below. Reach out and let me know what you’re in the market for.

Blog Posts


What You’re Actually Paying for When You Hire a Freelance Writer

You need content. Whether it’s for an email marketing campaign, an industry report, or your blog, you don’t want to write it so you need to hire a freelance writer. While you may see us as time-saving word gurus who love to do that one thing everyone else seems to despise — writing – there’s probably a lot you don’t know about where your dollars are going when you pay that final invoice. Here’s what you’re paying for when you hire a freelance writer.
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Creative Spotlight: 5 Writing Tools to Maximize the Impact of Your Content

Some people might like to think that writing happens organically. It sure would be nice if we could just sit down in front of the blank page and get paid for whatever pours from our minds. Sadly, being a professional writer requires a great deal more.

Research, fact checking, keyword strategizing, search engine optimization, influencer outreach –- these are all crucial elements of successful writing for the web. Not to mention the tedious proofreading, revision, and polishing process that goes into crafting a publication-ready piece. Luckily there are some excellent tools out there to help you master this process efficiently.
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ShowDontTellCreative Spotlight: How to Use the “Show, Don’t Tell” Concept to Enliven Your Writing

Many blog articles and informative pieces simply tell the reader something they should do or know. But instead of telling the reader something, writers can make their work much more powerful by using the “Show, Don’t Tell” concept. By simply telling the reader something, you won’t be able to make a lasting impression in their memory. Instead, use showing language to paint a picture in the reader’s mind that will ensure your message is remembered and received positively. Here’s how you can bring your writing to life using the “Show, Don’t Tell” principle.
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Yes, Shy Writers CAN Do In-Person Marketing

Are you an introvert? A lot of writers are. And I’m one of those shy writers. You might think it’s a weakness that you’re not the super-social, outspoken type. Or that being an introvert leaves you nothing but low-paying crumbs to collect from mediocre clients. But that’s just not true. Here are four ways to get over your fears, stress less, and land more lucrative projects.
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Psychology & Mental Health

Depression Versus Masculinity: The Hidden Threat to Men’s Mental Health

Even though men are 3.5 times more likely to commit suicide than women, depression is often seen as a woman’s disorder. A recent study published in the British Journal of Nursing found that men are at greater risk of committing suicide because depression and masculinity are seen as mutually exclusive. In other words, many men believe they cannot be depressed and be considered manly at the same time.
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Ft. Lauderdale Tragedy May Have Been Caused by PTSD: He Asked For Help and Didn’t Get It

On January 6, 2017, Esteban Santiago, age 26, casually walked into the Fort Lauderdale airport and opened fire. Santiago killed five people and injured six others. According to recent reports, the shooter sought help for mental health problems weeks ago and but was released. Soon after, bullets began flying in a busy airport terminal.
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UBC Mourns Loss of Hero Hockey Goalie: Dealing with Suicide as a Community

In April 2016, Laura Taylor, a rockstar goalie on the University of British Columbia’s women’s hockey team, committed suicide. She was a local hero to classmates, colleagues, and the young athletes who she coached and mentored through the years. After a long battle with bipolar disorder and depression, she took her own life, leaving the community around her reeling.
Now, nine months after Taylor’s suicide, the community she left behind is still trying to figure out how to mourn the loss of the woman who inspired all who watched her on the ice and who worked alongside her as she pursued her medical degree.
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Helping a Child Cope with Parental Mental Illness

Parental mental illness is a challenging obstacle to overcome due to its very nature. It’s invisible. It alters the mind and emotions. And it can break down one’s ability to communicate. Recent statistics show that 68% of women and 57% of men who are mentally ill are also parents. This leaves thousands of children struggling to understand their parents’ symptoms of mental illness.
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Parental Addiction Small

Parental Addiction: What effect does it have on your child? And how can you help?

Even if the child is no longer living with the addicted parent or the parent is in recovery, parental addiction can shatter any semblance of stability in a child’s life. Research has shown that children who have at least one parent who is a substance abuser are at high risk for developing emotional and behavioral problems.
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Building Healthy Relationships SmallBuilding Healthy Relationships with Foster Children

Forming healthy attachments is crucial in childhood – but this becomes extremely difficult for children who enter the foster care system. Constantly changing schools, homes, friends, and authority figures can leave children feeling disconnected, alone, and without guidance.
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Elfster Easy Projects to Transform Reclaimed Scrap Wood into Rustic DIY Christmas GiftsEasy Projects to Transform Reclaimed Scrap Wood into Rustic DIY Christmas Gifts

Fall is my favorite time of year—the leaves change colors, the weather starts to cool, and there’s always a lovely autumn breeze. But every once in awhile, in my little Texas town surrounded by nothing but wide open plains, that lovely autumn breeze turns into a gust of destruction.

About two weeks ago, we were bombarded with winds that were just too much for our old weather-beaten fence to stand up to. A section broke free from the support posts and began flailing about, hanging on only by a few nails near the ground. Bundled up against the cold, my husband and I went out and removed all of the fence boards and posts that seemed like they were on their last days. Now, with a heap of scrap wood at hand, the fun begins.
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image-4Honoring Diverse Cultural Traditions for a Christmas Around the World Party

Sometimes, the best gift is simply being appreciated for who you are and where you come from. My alma mater, in the Bay Area, attracted a diverse student population—the racial makeup of our student body was like a youthful United Nations. Come Christmas, there was no right or wrong way to celebrate, as long as we all came together in peace, friendship, and joy.

My dormmates and I started a tradition of celebrating an eclectic Christmas together and, while each holiday was memorable, my sophomore year was a little extra special as a bunch of us got together to throw a “Christmas Around the World” party. We all came from different cultural backgrounds, so each of us chose a different party essential, from drinks to decor, to transform into a cultural monument to our heritage. The end result was a unique holiday I won’t soon forget, and the feeling that I had finally recognized an invisible part of who I am.
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How to Add a Personalized Surprise to a Wedding Gift Straight from the Registry

Scrolling through another politely-requested online gift registry, I see the usual suspects: a crockpot, a distinct china pattern set, a brightly-colored stand mixer. The difference, this time, was that it was a dear friend from college who had become engaged. While I was thrilled for her (and who doesn’t love to attend a wedding), I was disappointed with the gift registry—she was asking me, one of her closest friends, to buy her a stock gift off of a registry list.

Kathy and I were more than best friends in college—we were so alike that people often asked us if we were sisters, which we played along with for a few laughs. After graduation, we ended up living in different cities and eventually different states, but we’ve stayed close over the years. So now that my collegiate bestie was getting married, how could I get her a gift with no thought, no meaning behind it that just anyone could give her? I couldn’t bring myself to do it.
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New Year’s Resolution Gift Ideas to Help You Refocus, Recenter, and Succeed

Despite its long history, only about 8% of Americans will actually keep their resolutions this year, although 46% of us will maintain them through June. So what makes it so hard to keep up the dedication and commitment for the entire 12 months?

According to the American Psychiatric Association, the key to making your New Year’s resolutions stick is to start small and change one behavior at a time. I’m as guilty as anyone of starting the year off with a bang by saying I’m going to eat healthier, exercise more, and read 30 books in the coming year. But those goals are way too vague—and probably not realistic. So I’m starting 2017 off right with a few gifts for myself, and some resolutions I know I can stick to.
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DIY Silver Anniversary Gifts That Sparkle and Shine Without a Big Spend

When I see couples hitting those big marital milestones, I can’t help by fawn over how strong their relationship must be to last through all those years. My aunt and uncle recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with a lovely garden party. They’re a traditional couple, so I wanted to honor their big milestone in a classic way.

A 25-year anniversary calls for gifts of silver. This tradition began in the Germanic region of Europe when husbands would give their wives garlands of silver after 25 years of marriage. The silver represented the harmony that the couple shared after being united for a quarter of a century. It’s also traditional for couples to take special vacations or renew their wedding vows at the 25-year mark— it strikes me as a time for romance and appreciating one another.
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The Legendary Saint of Love: Honoring the History and Traditions of Valentine’s Day

Around the year 270 A.D., Emperor Claudius II decided that men would make better fighters if they were unwed, so he outlawed marriage for any potential soldier. Seeing this as a crime against humanity—and love—Saint Valentine secretly performed marriages for young men and their lovers. Infuriated, Emperor Claudius II had St. Valentine thrown into jail and sentenced to a horrible death, which was carried out on February 14th, according to legend.

As the wife of a former Airman, I’m personally grateful for Saint Valentine’s dedication to unifying soldiers with their true and forever loves. His brave actions protecting the freedom to marry and love turned him into a martyr. To honor his heroic story, we celebrate Valentine’s Day each year with simple, but meaningful traditions that carry on his mission of putting true love above all else.
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Motivational Gift Ideas: Inspiring Friends to Keep Their 2017 New Year’s Resolutions

March is how far I got in 2016. Come to think of it, March is about how long I can maintain my New Year’s resolutions most years. But wouldn’t it feel amazing to see a New Year’s resolution through for an entire calendar year? I’m determined to tough it out in 2017—I’m in it for the long haul and I know my friends are, too.

On the morning of December 31st, right as people in the Eastern Hemisphere were beginning to ring in the new year, my three closest friends and I got together to swap motivational gifts with our 2017 accountability buddy—and gear up for a year of achieving our goals together.
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Woo Him with Japanese Valentine’s Day Traditions and Heartfelt Homemade Gifts

My husband and I will be celebrating our sixth Valentine’s Day together this year, so the traditional gestures of chocolates, flowers, and a card were beginning to feel a little trite and bland. Our love for each other, however, is not, and I wanted my gifts to reflect this.

As a travel and culture enthusiast, I searched abroad for some international inspiration. Though I always thought of the holiday as an invention of Western culture, the roots of Valentine’s Day actually date back for centuries, and it’s celebrated all over the world in countless ways—but my new favorite traditions come from Japan.
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A Kids’ Valentine’s Day Craft Party to DIY Handmade Treats, Cards—and Fun

Around this time of year, my friend Sophie and I find ourselves reminiscing about the good ol’ days of elementary school, when we would make construction paper valentines for each of our friends. Though we were clumsy with a bottle of Elmer’s glue and overzealous with the glitter, we worked so hard to create perfect notes and cards that all had unique, personalized touches.

Last year, Sophie didn’t want her two school-aged daughters to have to rely on pre-made valentines featuring cartoon characters. She wanted them to learn the value of making something by hand—and to know just what it’s like to get so passionate about cutting out the perfect (non-lopsided!) paper heart. So we jumped into party-planning mode, and organized a Valentine’s Day gift and snack extravaganza!
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Easy Snow Day Sports Crafts for Preschoolers to Make Fun Winter Memories with Kids
For years I’ve been babysitting my best friend’s kids, Daniel and Nathan, and I feel so lucky to watch their personalities emerge. Now that they’re 4 and 6, we’ve become a big part of each other’s lives—they even call me Auntie Rai.

While we usually spend our time together climbing trees or kicking a ball around the year, the recent snows in our area have made the jungle gyms impassable (and there are only so many snowmen I can handle), so we’ll be making memories indoors for a while. Luckily I’ve found a way to bring some of the boys’ favorite outdoor sports in with a few fun, safe twists.
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The Irrigator Sales Data Sheet

Sales/Data Sheets

The Irrigator – This sales sheet describes a prototype product and was used to help secure investors for the manufacturing of the product. I partnered with Flint Avenue CEO Amy Wood and talented graphic designer Bob Hecht to create this sales sheet for the client.



Ghostwritten Blog Posts

3 Reasons Work-Life Balance is So Important
Americans are notorious for being work-a-holics. If you want to be successful, happy, and healthy, then life needs to be about living – not about being consumed by your profession. Here’s what happens when you have a healthy work-life balance.

Do You Show These Early Warning Signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis?
Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that affects your entire body. In addition to causing inflammation, which leads to stiff and painful joints, rheumatoid arthritis can manifest in many other ways throughout your body. Look for these six early warning signs of rheumatoid arthritis.

A Brief Guide to the Different Types of Back Pain
Everyone has experienced some form of back pain. But while back pain is incredibly common, no two people experience it in the same way. With so many different muscles, nerves, and bones making up the back and spine, there are many opportunities for things to go awry. Here is a brief guide to understanding the different types of back pain.

Is it Back Pain or Something Worse?
We’ve all had back pain before. Sit too long at your desk, sleep in a weird position, or pull a muscle lifting a heavy box and you’ll have a sore back for a few days. But sometimes back pain is more than just an occasional annoyance. If you have chronic and stubborn back pain, it could be something more severe. Here are some options to rule out and what to do about them.

3 Signs Your Back Pain is Actually Osteoarthritis
Most of the time when people have back pain they attribute the aches to muscle soreness. Many people experience back pain after sitting in the same position for too long, from doing strenuous exercise, or by injuring their back in some way. However, there’s another cause that many people overlook: osteoarthritis.

Modify Your Home for Rheumatoid Arthritis Relief
Your home should be a sanctuary of comfort and safety. But if you live with rheumatoid arthritis, then you know that every day is fraught with challenges, even during the most simple household tasks. Luckily there are many things you can do to make your home an easier place to live with rheumatoid arthritis.

Can Meditation Be the Answer to Relieving Back Pain?
Back pain is obnoxious – there’s no argument about that. So how do you get rid of back pain quickly and safely?

Soak Up Some Sun to Lower Your Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis
Rheumatoid arthritis is a wicked chronic condition. However, recent studies indicate that you can lower your risk of rheumatoid arthritis with a newly discovered treatment that you can get right in your own back yard – sunlight! Learn how the natural power of the sun can help your body ward off rheumatoid arthritis.

University Website Content

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University of Texas of the Permian Basin: Importance of Transcultural and Multicultural Nursing
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University of Texas at Rio Grande ValleyUniversity of Texas at Rio Grande Valley: What Is Direct Practice in Social Work?
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University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley: Job Opportunities for MSSW in Direct Practice Graduates
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 University of Texas Arlington

University of Texas, Arlington: How to Have a Successful Nursing Career
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Donor-Baby Generation Returns the Favor: Second generation born through egg and sperm donation faces risks, rewards
Published on LifeZette.com on February 1, 2016


Press Releases

Shark Camp Press Release

Shark Camp is a specialty Marine Science summer program aimed at providing an enriching, fun, and educational experience for children ages 9 to 14. Shark Camp was first started in Mosselbaai, South Africa by Mary Cate Bernal, a California native and graduate of Santa Clara University in the Bay Area.